Rebooting the franchise

For the longest time, I have had a static HTML-based website that I rarely updated.  I would get a wild hair from time to time and add some pictures from my road trips or something of the like.  But, that was about it.

The purpose of this “reboot” will be to try to bring together things “about me” and to (hopefully) make it easier to add information, musings, and what-not without having to “plan” an update, make changes to menu scripts, etc, etc..  So, if the site is “about me,” what are you likely to find here?  Over time, I will add photos I’ve taken, links to things I’ve written on other platforms, and perhaps some things about food and no telling what else.

Speaking of photography, here’s one I took in Grand Tetons National Park a couple of years ago that I’ve just started using as my desktop wallpaper at work.

Taken on Snake River Road in Grand Tetons National Park in October 2010.
Taken on Snake River Road in Grand Tetons National Park, October 2010.