Force Windows 10 Fall 2015 Update (New Installs, Before 31 Days Elapse)

I recently updated my laptop to Windows 10 because my desktop finally became stable enough that I felt comfortable updating the laptop.  Come to find out, when you upgrade a machine to Windows 10, it only updates to the initial release version of Windows 10.

I’m sorry, but the initial release version is the one I did not want on this machine, because I had some stability issues with the initial release on my desktop!  *facepalm*

So, I did some digging and I finally came across some info on how to “force” Windows 10 to update to the Fall 2015 Update, even though I was well within the 31 days that Microsoft won’t voluntarily offer the update.

The short version : Run Disk Cleanup, go to System Files, and remove the previous version of Windows.

But, here are some screen shots and a bit of a walk-through.

Before I got started, I verified I had the “shipped” version of Windows 10.01

Checked for updates, none available :

Ran Disk Cleanup :03

Selected the OS drive : 04

Clicked the “Clean Up System Files” button :  05

Selected the OS drive again :  06

Then selected “Previous Windows installation(s)” (as well as anything else you feel compelled and ok with cleaning up) and click OK : 07

There was an “are you sure” type of window that popped up, but I neglected to get a screen-grab of that.  But, click yes or ok or whatever the confirmation button is to remove the previous Windows install.

PLEASE NOTE : Doing this will remove your ability to roll back to the previous version of Windows that was on your machine!  Do this ONLY if you are 1000% sure you want to roll-ahead to the Windows 10 Fall 2015 Update!

After the clean up completed, I ran Windows Update again and the Windows 10 Fall 2015 Update was available. 08

Update complete!  Woohoo!  🙂 09

Thanks for dropping by and reading this far!