“New” (old) pants

In December of 2008, I ordered some pants from Amazon.  They “almost” fit, but not quite.  So, I hung them up (tags & all) in the closet, where they’ve been gathering dust ever since.  The thought was “some day, I’ll get back into those.”

Well, that day, I ordered more pants of the same size, but with “comfort fit” waist.  Comfort fit is code for “has some elastic and will stretch a little, but you can fool yourself by thinking you’re still wearing the same size ‘because the label says…’!”

In July of 2010, I ordered more of the “comfort fit” pants in that same size.  But, when they arrived, they didn’t fit.  I set those pants aside (tags and all) and ordered some BIGGER “comfort fit” pants.  At that point, I think I didn’t return them because I was a bit embarrassed about “how big I was.”  Boxing them up felt like I would have to confront something within me and I just wasn’t ready to do that yet.

Those pants actually didn’t even make it back to the closet.  They ended up mixed in with some other stuff in a different (non-clothing) closet and forgotten about.

This morning, I was looking for some things and I happened across that second order of pants.  I looked at the tag and wondered “How far away am I from fitting into those?  Probably a while.  But, what the heck!?  Try ’em on and see for yourself!”

So, I did.  They fit.

“They fit!?  WOW!  They actually fit and they weren’t too tight!  AMAZING!!”

The next pair was a LITTLE more snug, but not uncomfortably so.  That eventually led me back to the first closet, where those 2008 pants were still hanging (tags and all).  They don’t quite fit, yet.  But, maybe by the end of the year!

More progress that I can feel good about!  Woohoo!!  🙂

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