Where to begin

I forgot I had written this on another temporary site.  But, I guess THIS should’ve been my first post on here.


Where to begin

To quote Phillip DeFranco, “This is where I talk about newsy type stuff and things that matter to me.”  He creates his videos daily.  I highly doubt I will be writing that often.  But, when I do , it should go here!

I have started a few things like this over the last few years.  The original intent of this domain was to share things about me.  But, I never really lived up to that expectation with the site.  So, here I go again, on my own…

Doh!  Wrong millennium!  🙂

I may  still post to either of the blogs on Google (here or here).  But, my intent is to put most of the things about me  on this site.  So, this should be the source for info on me.

Rather than repost everything (what little there was) from the other blogs, I’ll just post links to those entries.

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Thanks for dropping by!

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