Where to begin

I forgot I had written this on another temporary site.  But, I guess THIS should’ve been my first post on here.


Where to begin

To quote Phillip DeFranco, “This is where I talk about newsy type stuff and things that matter to me.”  He creates his videos daily.  I highly doubt I will be writing that often.  But, when I do , it should go here!

I have started a few things like this over the last few years.  The original intent of this domain was to share things about me.  But, I never really lived up to that expectation with the site.  So, here I go again, on my own…

Doh!  Wrong millennium!  🙂

I may  still post to either of the blogs on Google (here or here).  But, my intent is to put most of the things about me  on this site.  So, this should be the source for info on me.

Rather than repost everything (what little there was) from the other blogs, I’ll just post links to those entries.

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Road Trippin’ 2004 – Grand Canyon – Day 2

As I gradually convert content from my old domain to the new, I plan to re-edit most of the pictures.  So, it may take MONTHS for me to get everything converted over.  But, I want it to have a “fresh” look.  So, I think (hope?) it will be worth the effort.

I am starting with my first road trip in the TSX.  Before I get to the pictures, though, a little back-story.  A few months prior to this trip, I was visiting with my parents and I said something about “someday, I’d like to go back to the Grand Canyon, the Tetons, Yellowstone, and a few other places.”  These are all places my parents took me to on family vacations when I was little.  I didn’t really REMEMBER everything from the specific places, but I enjoyed going and seeing all these new and wonderful things that you just don’t see in Texas.

Well, to make a long story a little less long, my mom replied, “What are you waiting for!?  You have a nice car, you make good money, you’re not getting any younger, GO!!”  She was right, on all counts.  So, over the next few weeks, I made reservations to stay at some cabins near the rim of the Grand Canyon, I bought myself a digital SLR camera, and I scheduled some time off from work.

You may have noticed that this post is Day 2.  “What happened to day 1,” you may wonder.  Day 1 was all rain, trying to get out of Texas, and not a single photo was taken.  My original plan for this trip was to pretty much spend all my time in Arizona, seeing what all I could find there.  That plan didn’t work out, but we’ll get to that later.

So, let’s start on day 2.  I was somewhere in west Texas.  Based on the map I’m looking at and where all I went that day, I must have started out the day in Van Horn.

I made my way towards Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  On my way there, a slight break in the clouds caused a rainbow/prismatic effect in the clouds.  So, I stopped and took a picture.  If I’m remembering correctly, I saw some sort of rainbow at least once per day for the first several days of this trip.  I thought that was kind of neat.  But, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get pics of all of ’em.


Getting closer to Guadalupe Mountains NP.  El Cap, shrouded in clouds.  There were a LOT of clouds and precipitation on the first part of this trip.  Quite dreary, indeed.  But, I guess that should be expected for an early November road trip.


This was in Guadalupe Mountains NP.  My first site of snow for the day.  But, not my last.  I think this might have been the first time I had the TSX in snow.  It did well.


I was tempted to convert this image to black & white.  But, I decided to retain what little color there was in this image.  I do wish he had been facing towards me, though.


As I said before, I saw plenty more snow that day.  No passing zone?  No kidding!?  🙂


A lot of people really like this picture.  I do, too.  But, most folks are surprised when I tell them I didn’t even stop to take the picture.  I was going around a curve, saw the scene, slowed down, grabbed the camera, rolled the window down, snap, snap, snap.. “I hope I got it” and I kept moving.  Not bad for a rollin’ shot.  🙂


“Back that a’ way be snow!”  It’s amazing what a difference a few miles and crossing over some mountains can make for the weather!


Or so I thought.  After leaving Guadalupe Mountains NP above, I head north through Carlsbad, eventually over to Cloudcroft, and onward to White Sands, NM.  I don’t know why.  But, I’ve always liked this picture.  Something about the colors and the textures, I think…


Unfortunately, it was cloudy, dreary, and rainy in White Sands, too.  So, there weren’t many pictures to be taken that day.  But, I tried…



That day ended in Tucson, Arizona.  I’ll get that uploaded at some point.  Thanks for stopping by!

Rebooting the franchise

For the longest time, I have had a static HTML-based website that I rarely updated.  I would get a wild hair from time to time and add some pictures from my road trips or something of the like.  But, that was about it.

The purpose of this “reboot” will be to try to bring together things “about me” and to (hopefully) make it easier to add information, musings, and what-not without having to “plan” an update, make changes to menu scripts, etc, etc..  So, if the site is “about me,” what are you likely to find here?  Over time, I will add photos I’ve taken, links to things I’ve written on other platforms, and perhaps some things about food and no telling what else.

Speaking of photography, here’s one I took in Grand Tetons National Park a couple of years ago that I’ve just started using as my desktop wallpaper at work.

Taken on Snake River Road in Grand Tetons National Park in October 2010.
Taken on Snake River Road in Grand Tetons National Park, October 2010.